Thermomanometer 3081/ 3082

B.1.05. - diameter 80mm bottom and back connection

Thermomanometer 3081/ 3082



  • steel case
  • plastic inspection hole
  • connection 3081 (bottom), 3082 (back) CuZn and copper alloys
  • measuring mechanism CuZn and copper alloys
  • including closing valve G1/2


  • heating industry and sanitary technology
  • heating management, power engineering
  • other operations without high demands

Technical parameters

  • diameter: 80mm (63mm)
  • temperature ranges: 0-120°C (0-150°C)
  • pressure ranges: 0-4, 6, 10, 16bar
  • connection thread: G1/2
  • accuracy class: pressure gauge 1,6%; thermometer 2,5%


Thermomanometers 3081/3082 are produced according to standard EN837-1. Designed for simultaneous pressure and temperature measuring.

Instruments are equipped with automatic closing valve, that enables instrument change without heating system drainage.

Design of diameter 80mm, also diameter 63mm available. Other individual design options on request: special scale design, connection threads, back or front flange, max. pressure needle, etc.

Technical specification are subject to change without prior notice. Images are for information only