Round capillary thermomanometer 3040 Ø 40mm 3052 Ø 52mm

B.1.36. - capillary 500-2000mm

Round capillary thermomanometer 3040 Ø 40mm 3052 Ø 52mm



  • coloured plastic case
  • acrylate inspetion hole
  • copper capillary with PVC protection


  • heating industry and sanitary technology
  • heating management, power engineering
  • light industry

Technical parameters

  • case: 40, 52mm
  • temperature ranges: 0-120°C
  • pressure ranges: 0-4, 6bar
  • capillary length: 500, 1000, 1500, 2000mm
  • sensor: 6,5x25mm
  • thread: G1/4 (M12x1,5, M14x1)


Capillary thermomanometers are designed into all applications, where the place of measuring is not identical with the place of reading.

Used for simultaneous pressure and temperature measurement. Thanks to wide range of designs they may be used in miscellaneous applications.

Mainly used for boilers, heating systems and other operations with pressure measurement neccesity.

Maximum temperature of case surrounding is 70°C. Other options of design on individual request special scale design, connection thread, etc.

Technical specification are subject to change without prior notice. Images are for information only