Temperature sensor THST


Temperature sensor THST



  • sensor Pt100, Pt500, Pt1000, Ni1000, KTY, NR
  • high accuracy, low power consumption, wide working range of surrounding temperature
  • integrated construction, easy to install


  • chemical industry
  • heating industry
  • power engineering
  • pharmacy

Technical parameters

  • heat range: up to 500 °C according to used sensor
  • connection thread: G1/2 (G1/4, G3/4, M12x1,5, M20x1,5, M27x2, NPT) or on individual request


Compact temperature sensor suitable for direct mounting or mounting to thermowell. Temperature sensors according to standard 1/1 DIN B, 1/3 DIN B or 1/6 DIN B.

Sensors are suitable for wide range of applications in indusrty, food processing, air-conditioning systems, heating etc. (sensors for air temperature are used without thermowells due to quick responsese recieving).

Integrated sensor changes its inner resistance according to temperature.

Main advantage is linear conveyance characteristic in whole range of measured temperatures.

Modular conception is suitable for wide range of applications, it is possible to provide variable connection threads on individual request. Magnesiumoxide guarantees high resistance against impacts and vibrations and also improves heat exchange and electrical insulation of sensor.

Technical specification are subject to change without prior notice. Images are for information only