Flow heater THPOV, THPOVR

H.1.04. - THPOV - without regulation THPOVR - with regulation

Flow heater THPOV, THPOVR



  • flow heater THPOV without regulation, THPOVR with regulation
  • connection material: stainless steel 17 248/1.4541


  • food processing
  • mechanical engineering
  • power engineering
  • heating industry
  • pharmacy

Technical parameters

  • output: 1250, 2 400, 9000, 12000 W
  • DN 13 (connection thread G ½), DN 46 (connection thread G 6/4)
  • regulatory range/ T fuse: 0-99°C/180°C
  • power supply: 1 x 230/3 x 230 (400)V
  • protection: IP44


Flow heaters are in two versions: with regulation (THPOVR) and without regulation (THPOV).

Flow heater is designated for straight heaiting of liquid. For this is used innovative technology of printed heating element. This technology provides even heating of medium, when heat transfer is provided straight by flow heater coat. This way of heating provides distinctively better physical and chemical resistance in comparison with standard flow heaters.

THPOVR version is equiped with control unit, which enables linear regulation of output heat.

THPOV version is designated for installation of system with external regulation. Both wersions of flow heaters are equiped with thermal fuse, which protects heating element from overheating.

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